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Why Become a Patron?

Patrons receive:

  • free programmes at all P&P productions,

  • invitation to our VIP receptions P&P Musical Theatre shows,

  • name(s) included in the Patrons list in programmes, and

  • invitations to P&P social events.

If you love P&P, or you love someone in it, then please consider becoming a Patron.

Contact Patron's Rep Nick Clarke                                

via email on patrons@pandp.org.uk                          


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Half Year Individual £7.50

Half Year Joint £10

Full Year Individual £15

Full Year Joint £20

Our performing membership of about 150 people of all ages, and several generations of the same family in some cases, are cheerful, enthusiastic and energetic and this shows on the stage during performance. There is also a magnificent band of volunteers who provide invaluable work behind the scenes so that scenery, costumes, props, sound and lighting, programmes, refreshments, tickets, publicity materials, and website are all there when they are needed. It is a very large family, and that includes our audience of course, without which none of it would be worth doing.

Many of our audience members have been coming to watch P&P for a long time, remaining loyal as the faces of the performers change as time passes. Many of our audience come to watch and listen to members of their own family perform, many to see their friends and work colleagues. And some audience members come along simply to see what we are like.

Of course, apart from watching us, all audience members are essential in providing the funds needed to mount the type of production that P&P do. This is why Patrons are so important to us in that they are not just paying members of our audience but their annual subscriptions provide more of that financial life blood that allows P&P to maintain the high quality that our audience expects.