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Coming Soon: A Touch of Danger

P&P Players

4 Jan 2023

Tickets are now on sale for A Touch of Danger

COMING SOON: A Touch of Danger - P&P Players

Thursday 23rd- Saturday 25th March  - The Barrington Theatre, Ferndown

Max Telligan, a popular novelist, has returned to his London apartment from a business trip to Munich to find his evening newspaper containing a report of his own violent death. He subsequently is greeted by a parade of mysterious visitors who seek a pocket sized calculator, threaten him with a poison tipped walking stick and display photographs of his wife in flagrante delicto. Max has, it seems, unwittingly become embroiled in the activities of an international terrorist group!

Directed by Deanna Langford, The P&P Players perform this tale of intrigue, suspicion & murder from the pen of Francis Durbridge.

Tickets are available online now:

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