23rd January 2013

P&P Ball – July 2011

P&P Ball – 16th July 2011 at RNLI Poole.

A selection of recently unearthed photos from this memorable event have reached your website at last.
Pictures courtesy of Adrian Lambert.
Click on the picture to find them in the Society Mix Album.

At time of writing the 2011 Ball is a distant 20 months ago but your faithful scribe will attempt to set down a recollection of the evening.

It was a balmy evening on the Poole waterfront and the doors of the ballroom were left open to allow guests to promenade onto the quayside and bask in the warmth of the July sun. Ah, how we long for an evening like that in the gloom of March 2013, but, I digress.

Guests enjoyed a 3 course meal at delightfully decorated tables.

James Stead and his excellent band provided the music and the guests responded with some energetic and interesting dance steps on the bijou dance floor.

Clare Albanozzo, our, now erstwhile, chairman, gave a vintage speech and made several presentations. Pat Donovan was presented with a NODA Commendation award for her massive contribution to P&P and other societies during her long association with theatre. Jo Legg was presented with a P&P award for her fabulous work in directing Jesus Christ Superstar. Kellie Blake was awarded for a fine job in organising the evening.

A good time was had by all.

If I have forgotten anything worthy of note then I apologise, but please let me know and I will add it in for future reference.

Scribe David Edge.

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