15th February 2013

P&P AGM 2013


Tuesday 12th February 2013 at Poole Methodist Church Hall 7pm

Clare Albanozzo in full Chairman regalia

(male chairmen do not have to wear a frock)

A large number of P&P Members and Patrons attended the AGM which was chaired by Clare Albanozzo in her final meeting before stepping down from the committee after a 10 year stint, 3 as chairman.

During her time in the chair Clare has striven to instil a vibrancy in P&P which has attracted many new members to be part of our varied and exciting programme of shows, concerts and plays.
Fortunately, Clare will remain a performing member of the society, so her drive and enthusiasm will still be around.

Clare read her own annual report and those for MTS, the Singers and Players. It reminded us that it has been a very busy and satisfying year for all sections. The only downside is that 3 of our productions lost money, due solely to our disappointing ticket sales. Clare forcefully made the point that all members must try to sell tickets for our productions, and not just the ones that we personally are appearing in. To ensure that P&P continues to thrive and provide great opportunities for us all to perform in a wide variety of productions, we must have a healthy income via ticket sales, and that means we all have to do our bit, and a bit more.

Jenny Farmer read a report from the Social Committee listing their events of the year including highlights such as the Ball at the RNLI and the private screening of Les Miserables. There were also some veiled hints of what might be in store for this year.

The retiring P&P Committee had agreed at the last committee meeting, while Clare had left the room, to propose to the AGM that Clare be made a life member of P&P in recognition of her tremendous work and service to P&P during her time as Chairman and as committee member. The proposal was agreed unopposed by the AGM. Clare was also presented with thank you cards signed by the members, a Day (for 2) at a Spa (no, not the grocers), and a bouquet.

Elections to the Committee and Social Committee were held and, happily, all those nominated were elected unopposed. The list of members on the 2 committees may be viewed via the link from the Members Area of the P&P website.

All P&P members were aware that Clare would be “retiring” and that she would be a “tough act to follow” and, sadly, this has proven to be true because there is no “act” that has taken the stage, or chair to be more accurate.
Clare I’Anson, as Deputy Chairman, has agreed to be Acting Chairman until we have someone stepping forward to take the chair. It is important to point out that a Chairman can be elected at other times of the year, not just at an AGM, so if you think you would like to pick up the gavel from Clare then contact one of the committee members and start the ball rolling. Your name does not need to be Clare.
If you decide to have a go then you will have great support from the committee and, of course, massive gratitude and undying admiration from all other members.

The meeting ended at 7:50.

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