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Information for new members

If you are interested in joining P&P here is what you need to do for each section.

Musical Theatre:

To join the Musical Theatre section, you need to pass a ‘new members’ audition where you will:

  • Be taught a simple dance routine in a group (to audition as a group)

  • Recite a piece of libretto  (supplied in advance)

  • Sing a song of your own choice

Subscription for the Musical Theatre section is £10 per month  (£5 per month for students).

Rehearsals are primarily on Tuesday nights, with occasional Thursdays and Sundays.


To join the Players, you just need to audition for any Players’ production, details of which can be obtained from our Membership Secretary (see below). Also, throughout the year we need help preparing for productions, and backstage during productions.
Subscription for the Players section is £24 per year  (£12 per year for students)

Rehearsals are primarily on Wednesday nights but additional rehearsals may be arranged as required.


To join the Singers (choir),  you need to pass an audition with the Singers’ Director where you will perform a song of your choice. Subscription for the Singers section is £10 per month (£5 per month for students)

Rehearsals are on Thursday nights.

Subscription for joining multiple sections is £10 per month (£5 per month for students) – auditions must be completed for each section.

Note: The minimum age for joining any section in P&P Productions is 16 years.

For further information on joining please email our Membership Secretary

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P&P Musicals

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P&P Singers

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