2nd October 2018

Audition Notice – Make Way For Lucia

AUDITION NOTICE – Make Way For Lucia

P&P Players are excited to announce their February 2019 production of
Make Way For Lucia by John Van Druten,
based on the novels by E.F. Benson.
Make Way For Lucia - February 2019

Set in the 1920s/1930s, in the Sussex coastal town of Tilling,
it depicts the war of social supremacy between
newcomer Lucia and the town’s socialite Miss Mapp.

The play has a large cast of 6 women and 5 men, for a variety of ages.
Character descriptions are listed below.
This production will be performed at the Barrington Theatre, Pennys Walk, Ferndown, BH22 9TH during the week of the 17th February, with shows on 21st – 23rd (including a Saturday matinee).
There will be a read through on Wednesday 17th October at 7.30pm
at Poole Day Centre, 12A Commercial Road, Poole, BH14 0JW.
Auditions will be held at The Spire, High Street, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1DF
on Thursday 15th November at 7.30pm.

If you require any more information then please email director Clare I’Anson

Looking forward to seeing members both old and new
at the read through on 17th October.

Make Way For Lucia - February 2019

Characters (playing age, guide only)

Mrs Emmeline Lucas (Lucia) (40-late 50s)
A good-looking woman, she is somewhat of a phoney, but never to herself. She believes wholeheartedly in all her poses and acts, and perhaps the best clue to her is that she is quite violently in love with herself. Her manner combines gush and artificiality, with a considerable amount of practical shrewdness and a capacity for quite ruthless drive. She has a great, if slightly condescending charm with anyone who will pay court to her. Her attitude to Georgie is a trifle proprietary, but warmly affectionate, and at moments almost motherly. Her affection for him is perhaps the only real thing about her.

Miss Elizabeth Mapp (40-late 50s)
A somewhat aggressive woman, built on a rather generous scale. Her two principal emotions are curiosity and resentment. When she is not being offended, her manner is genial – too genial – and inclined to be arch. Think Mrs Bucket (Mrs “Bouquet”) meets Public School girl.

Georgie Pilson (late 30s – late 40s)
Plumpish and rather nice-looking; inclined to be easily fussed or upset. His hair is auburn, with being both a strong suspicion of being dyed and being partly a toupee. He is pleasant and likeable, and must not be exaggerated into anything being a caricature.

Major Benjy Flint (50+)
A soldier-like, huffing, puffing man, who is both suave and stead-fast.

Grosvenor (any age)
A very correct parlour-maid

Mr Wyse (50+)
A courtly gentleman with silver hair. He has the habit of bowing slightly to anyone he addresses, or whose name he mentions.

Mrs Wyse (50+)
An older lady who is bejewelled and used to being wined, dined and entertained.

Rev. Kenneth Bartlett (40+, needs a Scottish accent)
A hearty and jocular type who talks in broad vaudeville Scots.

Mrs Evie Bartlett (30+)
She is a tiny, mouselike woman who rarely speaks and when she does she squeaks.

Godiva Plaistow (Diva) (40+)
Small in stature, Diva is the local gossip. She is a breathless type, talking mainly in short, rather telegraphic sentences.

Signor Cortese (45+)
He is a florid Italian with Caruso moustache.

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