6th December 2013

A Murder is Announced – Feb/Mar 2014

P&P Players present:-

“A Murder is Announced”

by Agatha Christie.

27th February to 1st March 2014
Barrington Theatre, Ferndown

Box Office 01202 679390 or email players@pandp.org.uk
Tickets £9.50 or £7.50

List of Characters (as described in the script):-

Miss Letitia Blacklock – “Beyond middle age but still a very attractive woman who has clearly looked after her figure and features”. It is her house in which the action takes place.

Julia Simmons – Miss Blacklock’s niece, aged 25 or 26.

Dora Bunner (“Bunny”) – Slightly older than Miss Blacklock. Tends to get confused and is a little eccentric.

Patrick Simmons – Julia’s brother, a year older than Julia and “a very handsome young man”.

Mitzi – Miss Blacklock’s cook. “About 25 or 26, small and dark, a mid-European (Hungarian?). An explosive character, tends to believe that everyone is against her.

Miss Marple – an elderly lady with an over-inquisitive mind which gets her into all sorts of trouble!

Phillipa Haymes – “a tall, rather elegant-looking blonde of about 26 with a touch of real class about her – a young lady with a rather serious turn of mind”. She lodges with Miss Blacklock.

Mrs Swettenham – Miss Blacklock’s neighbour, a woman in her late 50’s.

Edmund Swettenham – her son, 26 or 27, a serious young man with pretensions of being a writer. “Dark, somewhat foreign-looking though he is in fact very English.”

Rudi Scherz – a young Swiss national. Doesn’t last long!

Inspector Craddock – a man of about 50, leading the investigation.

Sergeant Mellors – his sidekick.

The Cast for "Murder is Announced" to be directed by Pat Donovan:
Julia Simmons        Alyssa Thompson
Letitia Blacklock    Carole Allen
Dora Bunner (Bunny)  Janet (Jan) Smiles
Patrick Simmons      David Beddard
Mitzi                Charlotte (Charlie) Poole
Miss Marple          June Garland
Phillipa Haymes      Genette Churchill
Mrs Swettenham       Anne Paget
Edmund Swettenham    Ben Williamson
Rudi Scherz          Bob Rankin
Inspector Craddock   Patrick D'Ardenne
Sergeant Mellors     James Boultbee

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