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Information for new members

If you are interested in joining P&P here is what you need to do for each section.

Musical Theatre:

To join the Musical Theatre section, you need to pass a ‘new members’ audition where you will:

  • Be taught a simple dance routine in a group (to audition as a group)
  • Recite a piece of libretto  (supplied in advance)
  • Sing a song of your own choice

Subscription for the Musical Theatre section is £10 per month  (£5 per month for students).

Rehearsals are primarily on Tuesday nights, with occasional Thursdays and Sundays.


To join the Players, you need pass a ‘read through’ audition with the production team of the current play.
Subscription for the Players section is £24 per year  (£12 per year for students)

Rehearsals are primarily on Wednesday nights.


To join the Singers (choir),  you need to pass an audition with the Singers’ Director where you will perform a song of your choice. Subscription for the Singers section is £10 per month (£5 per month for students)

Rehearsals are on Thursday nights

Subscription for joining multiple sections is £10 per month (£5 per month for students) – auditions must be completed for each section.

Note: The minimum age for joining any section in P&P Productions is 16 years.

For further information on joining please email

P&P Musicals

P&P Musicals

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P&P Singers

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